Welcome to Frank & Dino Aliments. In our business, trust and customer loyalty are the foundations of success and it is you I wish to thank with all my heart for our sustained growth. In some cases, we are already dealing with a second generation of customers. We find it stimulating to meet the challenge of new demands and keep improving our service!

What do customers find at Frank & Dino Aliments ? Devoted customer service combined with an unfailing commitment to deliver products that meet the highest expectations. Our enthusiastic team and myself are always ready to give of our time and make that extra effort that will satisfy you. Because we really mean it when we say "Frank & Dino, at your service!"

History and mission

Frank & Dino Aliments was created in 1978 by two young Italians recently landed in Montreal. They managed every aspect of the business at first, taking care of sales, buying and handling all the merchandise themselves, and even driving the delivery trucks across the city.

In 1987, Frank & Dino Aliments took a turn for the best. Our company settled on 8th Avenue in a 20,000-sq.-ft. warehouse that has already quadrupled by now. Successive expansions enabled us to steadily increase the variety of products and the refrigerated area. This is how Frank & Dino Aliments manages to respond to the latest market trends without having to cut on service or speed of delivery, allowing you to keep your inventories at lower levels with our "just in time" deliveries. 

Frank & Dino Aliments has a great ambition: to stock under a single roof all those products necessary when operating a successful restaurant. Our customers can rely on a single supplier to answer all their needs. We won't hesitate to buy a product to satisfy the request of a single customer. We also import private labels on demand, without intermediary, to guarantee our customers the best price possible.

Warehouse / Products & Distribution

The Frank & Dino Aliments warehouse is located in Montreal at 8530 8th Avenue. It covers 80,000 sq. ft. and includes huge refrigerators and freezers. Our customers know they will get the best price on the market thanks to our incredible volume.

Our warehouse presently holds over 4,500 products of all categories, ranging from basic standards to refined specialties, either locally produced or imported . We are always eager to add to our list. Our shipping and receiving departments are equiped with the latest technology in computers  to ensure efficient turnover of stock and, consequently, product quality and freshness.

Our fleet of  14 refrigerated trucks carry out deliveries from Monday to Friday, daily on the island of Montreal and two to three times weekly elsewhere in Quebec and Ontario. Our staff works 24 hours a day throughout the week, relentlessly preparing deliveries. It is these concerted efforts by dedicated employees that allow Frank & Dino Aliments to provide reliable, fast and personalized service.

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